Spiritual Creativity

One might ask what does the phrase ‘spiritual creativity’ mean? I, myself, do not know for sure. The first time I saw the phrase, I thought of creating a new religion or a new god as a form of spiritual creativity; i doubt that is what it means, even though creativity contains the word create. Then, I tried to find another implication of the phrase – creativity that forms as a result to one’s spiritual beliefs. It is perhaps seen in calligraphy, songs, paintings and sculpture.

In some work of arts, one might see an influence of the spiritual beliefs from the artist. Take an example of a belief that says the sky is the heavens; then the artist have more tendency to draw heaven with clouds. Take another example of a belief that worships the sun; then an artist of that belief would have the tendency to draw the sun more grand than other artists would.

The belief could go further to even change the taste of the artist. Imagine a situation where the beliefs have different way to describe pureness. Then the two beliefs will argue on the meaning and the beauty of the art.

For it is not a phrase I am an expert of, I shall stop the talk with my assumption of the meaning of spiritual creativity. Please do comment if you have another idea of what it might be.


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